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5 reasons why your next event should be virtual

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Are you considering running your next event online? Not yet convinced? Here are the top 5 reasons to do a virtual event.

1. Sustainable

Forget bamboo straws, refill cups, and recycled hand towels – if your company is looking for ways to make your next event truly sustainable, you should be looking to the world of virtual events.

A virtual event may not immediately spring to mind when thinking about making an eco-friendly event. But in fact, it’s one of the most sustainable ways you can host an event today. When hosting a physical event you have to consider not only the logistics of getting people to the event venue but also the amount of food is wasted and rubbish created per day. With virtual events, you don’t have to worry about any of that. According to a study from Birmingham University, a one day physical event can produce up to 170kg of Co2 and create over 5 tonnes of refuse waste.

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2. Flexible

One of the key benefits of going virtual is being able to connect with attendees across the world without ever leaving your office or home. The technology allows you to connect in networking lounges through audio and video chat as well as participate in webinars and presentations. You can showcase the latest product demos through a booth environment and train people with an integrated LMS system. Hosting a virtual conference could be a great alternative or an addition to your plan. Especially during recent times with major public health emergencies announced such as a coronavirus, causing many worldwide events like MWC to be cancelled or postponed. Virtual events can take out the stress and panic of replanning an event. The flexible nature of the technology we use can allow you to setup a similar event online in a few weeks. It’s a great plan B when you didn’t think you had one.

3. Collaborative

It almost doesn’t sound believable that you can connect with attendees in the same way virtually as you can in a physical event; however it’s true. With 1-2-1 video conferencing and live networking rooms, virtual business cards and integrated social media channels, it is easier than ever to make lasting connections with a global audience. Whereas in a physical event you rely purely on the people who can travel to attend, with a virtual event, the lack of travel necessity means there is unlimited global potential – significantly boosting the value of networking possibilities.

4. Reusable

You’ll find with a physical event that once the event has ended the doors close and you cannot reuse the event space. With a virtual event this couldn’t be more different. A 365 virtual environment allows you to host multiple events throughout the year, at any time, giving you ultimate flexibility. As there is no closing time either, your virtual event can be accessible 24 hours a day, every day. This not only gives you flexibility when deciding what time to host your event, but also provides your attendees the option of joining at their leisure. Removing the outdated format of rigid attendance times will significantly boost your attendance numbers and repeat visitors for your future events.

5. Cost-efficient

Perhaps one of the not so obvious benefits of hosting a virtual event is cost. In organizations where hundreds of executives and professionals attend several conferences a year often costing thousands each time, a virtual event can seem like an attractive option not just for the organization itself, but also for those attending. Without the need for extensive travel, high accomodation fees and over-priced catering, a virtual event can save all involved a significant amount.

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