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5 virtual event ideas to help you stand out from the crowd

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The nature of online events can make it difficult to keep a wide range of attendees involved throughout. With the potential of hosting virtual events leading to further opportunities which can be utilised, unleash your creativity and host memorable events which can be enjoyed by all kinds of guests. Move away from the traditional virtual lobby and explore more creative virtual event ideas to create an event to remember!

Bring like-minded people together

Build a programme with multiple parallel streams to give attendees a choice of content. Consider online event ideas which include setting up roundtable rooms which each focus on a different topic so people can tailor their agenda to suit their preferences. Grouping together like-minded attendees is a great way to boost engagement and keep everyone interested. We recommend encouraging people to keep on their camera as it is a way to facilitate discussion and networking.

Learn new things

We’re never too old to learn. As well as teaching attendees new skills or knowledge, creating a virtual learning environment can be beneficial from a business perspective. Finding a topic that resonates with all attendees and can benefit them in some way will increase engagement and lead to a successful event all around. Invite industry experts along to speak to the attendees and introduce a ‘live with your speaker’ chat room where people can interact with them following their presentation. Top tip: host your guest speakers in a studio to create a more professional look.

Add a splash of competition

We all have a bit of a competitive side within us! Incorporating quizzes and polls into your virtual event ideas is a great way to keep everyone involved, alternatively you can take it up a level and introduce built in games to add an element of fun. As well as hosting an entertaining event for everyone to enjoy, considering ways to bring engagement to the next level can really increase everyone’s experience interacting with each other. Creating a leader board is an incentive for people to return to the platform and try to beat their personal best.  If the nature of your event doesn’t suit quizzes and games, how about including a virtual photo booth and gallery which is built up throughout the event and can provide lasting memories of the day?

Send out goodie boxes

Add a personal touch to your event by sending out a physical goodie bag which is delivered to the home of all attendees; this can either include some essentials for the nature of the event or additional extras such as nibbles and backdrop decorations. Sending pre-event or post-event ‘gifts’ to attendees adds an extra special touch which can generate some much needed excitement around your event.

Combine online with offline

Where feasible, combining online event ideas with physical events can give the best of both worlds. Hybrid events mean that the main event can go ahead with the benefits of in person interaction whilst the event is streamed online. If distance is an issue for certain attendees or the nature of the event means attendee numbers are limited, being able to join in with the event from the comfort of your own home means everyone who wishes to /hybrid-eventsbe involved can do so.

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