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5 virtual event ideas to help you stand out from the crowd

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New online event ideas and virtual event ideas have completely transformed how we interact and network.

Despite the inherent challenges of engaging a diverse audience remotely, the opportunity to host innovative and engaging virtual events presents unique advantages.

By getting creative and thinking outside of the box, you can host memorable events that captivate all types of attendees.

Leave behind the conventional virtual lobby and delve into the realm of exciting online event ideas, creating an unforgettable experience for your attendees!

Create Diverse Networking Opportunities to Bring Like-Minded People Together

Design an event program with multiple parallel streams to:

  1. Give attendees a range of content choices
  2. Provide diverse opportunities for networking

Some engaging online event ideas include setting up roundtable rooms that focus on varying topics, allowing people to tailor their event experience to their preferences.

Grouping together like-minded attendees is an effective strategy to enhance engagement and maintain interest.

💡Top tip: encourage and incentivize people to keep their cameras on to foster an environment of lively discussion and networking.

Provide Education and Insights

There’s always room to learn something new. As well as imparting new skills or knowledge to attendees, crafting a virtual learning environment can provide business advantages.

Finding a topic that resonates with all attendees and can benefit them in some way will heighten engagement and lead to a successful event overall.

Inviting industry experts to speak and introducing a ‘live with your speaker’ chat room where attendees can interact post-presentation are brilliant virtual event ideas.

💡A top tip: host your guest speakers in a studio for a more professional appearance and higher perceived value.

Stir Up a Healthy Competitive Spirit

We all have a bit of a competitive side within us!

Incorporating quizzes and polls into your online event ideas is a great way to keep everyone involved. Alternatively, you can take it a notch higher and introduce built-in games to add a fun element.

Creating a leaderboard motivates attendees to return to the platform and beat their personal best. This is particularly true for longer events and 365 environments.

If the nature of your event doesn’t suit quizzes and games, how about including a virtual photo booth and gallery, building memories throughout the event?

Goodie Bags: Virtual Events, Tangible Experiences

Add a personal touch to your virtual event ideas by sending out a physical goodie bag delivered to all attendees’ homes.

This could include some essentials for the event or additional extras such as snacks and backdrop decorations.

Sending pre-event or post-event ‘gifts’ adds an extra special touch that can generate excitement around your event.

Best of Both Worlds: Combine Online with Offline

When possible, blending online event ideas with physical events can deliver the best of both worlds.

Hybrid events allow the main event to progress with the benefits of in-person interaction, while also being streamed online for those who cannot attend in person.

This way, anyone who wishes to participate can do so, regardless of geographical constraints.

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