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Stay united with these virtual team building ideas

Virtual team building ideas

The benefits of team building are paramount for a business, helping bring everyone together to create a more enjoyable working environment. Especially where remote working is concerned, making an effort to create enjoyable virtual team building ideas will go a long way when it comes to embedding company culture. As we all know, creating a happy workforce can see some great returns in productivity, motivation and increased collaboration.

The sudden rise in virtual events is a new prospect for many of us so it can be tricky to think of ways to keep everyone engaged when we are apart. Outside of virtual conferences and meetings, unleash your creativity to host fun virtual team building ideas so everyone can let their hair down and enjoy socialising with their colleagues by team building online.

Host a virtual cooking class

Whether you’ve hit a big milestone, are celebrating a special occasion or are just holding your quarterly team building afternoon, remote working doesn’t have to stop the socials! One of our favourite inclusive virtual team building ideas is an online cooking or baking class from the comfort of your own homes. With absolutely everyone being able to get involved, watch as your team have a laugh and show off their new found skills in the kitchen by collaboratively cooking up a storm. Sending out a box of ingredients to each attendee home prior to the event will mean everyone has exactly what they need to get started and just need to log in to the team building online session. You can also do the same session with a cocktail making class!

Make learning fun

Creating a virtual learning environment doesn’t have to be mundane. Combining work with virtual team building ideas is a great way to keep your employees engaged whilst also learning new skills that can benefit their role. Whether you invite a well-known industry expert to run a session or split the team into groups to each share their learnings on a certain topic, think outside of the box to get your employees on board and having fun during team building online.

Bring the pub quiz online

Another way to get the whole team involved is to bring out their personal hobbies and interests. A virtual quiz is another easy way to get attendees chatting among each other and bringing out their competitive sides. Whether you split the group into smaller teams or adopt an every man for themselves approach, compile some quiz questions and let everyone unwind for an afternoon of fun. If you want to incorporate some job training into your virtual team building ideas, why not introduce a battle of the departments quiz with a round on each area of the business?

Meet colleagues from across the globe

For global businesses with branches across the world, often employees do not get the opportunity to liaise with their colleagues from across the business through team building online. It is a great way to build up team ethic and stay up to date with the happenings from overseas, coming up with virtual team building ideas to connect different teams can bring the business together. Hosting online games, inviting a variety of speakers and allowing employees to mingle freely is great for networking purposes and learning from a global perspective.

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