Virtual Conference

From intimate seminars to large branded conferences with 1000’s of delegates,
our events’ platform offers a cost-efficient virtual conference solution.

Virtual Conference Entrance Area

Key Features and Benefits Include:

  • A fully customisable, bespoke platform with a global outreach
  • Interactive networking areas and social media integration for full audience participation
  • Resource centres and live presentation auditoriums, enabling variation in content delivery
  • Pre-recorded and live presentations, editable ‘in the moment’
  • Post-event on-demand content to maintain event momentum
  • Sponsor & Exhibitors areas – e.g. exhibition halls or networking lounge to open revenue streams
  • Live reporting and event metrics in real-time for in-depth and efficient CRM
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Global Reach

Reach geographically dispersed delegates

Delegate pay Portal

Monetise your conference with an integrated pay portal at registration

Sponsor & Exhibitor

Highly functional booths for sponsors and exhibitors

Engage with other delegates via live chat, audio break out rooms or video chat.

The keyboard isn’t always the best medium to engage with other delegates which is why we also have audio and video chat features in our platform

Let your attendees create their own experience with the
personal agenda builder

Bespoke experiences is one of the great advantages of virtual events and there is also a 15 minute advance warning built into the system so nobody misses the session.

Live Video Chat
Online Presentation Schedule

Multi-camera HD broadcasting
from a live event

We can manage the production and filming on site at your live event and stream the content into the virtual environment

Deliver multiple supplementary sessions throughout the year to keep your delegates engaged 365

Most audiences are all year round and a virtual event environment enables a low cost content delivery solution that can be updated to users across the year

Unique ‘conference’ meetings feature

Full diary management system for pre and post event 1-1’s or group sessions in booths and sponsor spaces.

No Flash Plug ins or downloads required

The iVent platform has been designed to just work the moment you launch it with no need to download any software.

Virtual Conference Meeting

Reach A Bigger Audience With A Virtual Conference

If you need a way to reach more people with your next conference and ensure it has a positive impact, a virtual conference is the way forward. Here at iVent , we develop a bespoke solution coupled with our experience and know-how to give you an easy-to-use platform that can far expand the reach of your event.

Successful conferences are key to the operations of many organisations. Whether it is to connect with new and potential customers, develop relationships with external business partners or improve internal performance within a company, a virtual conference is ideally suited.

What Are Virtual And Hybrid Conferences?

In simple terms, a virtual conference is an event that happens online; It enables participants to attend and engage from any location without the need to physically travel. A virtual conference provides an easy-to-manage and easy-to-access bespoke and inclusive experience for anyone who wishes to attend.

However, what if you like the idea of running a traditional conference but would also like it screened online to increase the reach? We can help there too! Our specialist team can to set-up onsite to film the live event in full HD and then screen it online for delegates to access either in real-time, or as a recording whenever is most convenient. Hybrid events allow you to add the benefits of a virtual conference to a physical event for maximum ROI.

Why Use Virtual Conferencing?

iVent virtual conferencing gives you access to a fully featured platform providing a wealth of features including:

  • Easy online access for delegates to attend, wherever they are on the planet
  • An intuitive personal agenda builder for delegates to set and control their own schedule
  • Full live chat, audio rooms and video chat for delegates to network with
  • Stunning virtual booths for sponsors and exhibitors to showcase their products
  • Management and feedback tools including social media integration and real-time analytics

Opting for a virtual conference for your next event makes total business sense. Not only does it provide an opportunity to run a successful conference with a significantly extended reach, it also provides an intuitive customised, next-level experience for your delegates to enjoy.

What Are The Advantages Of Virtual Conferences?

The big advantages organisations love about hosting virtual conferences revolve around cost reduction, time savings and the ability to achieve a wider reach. A virtual conference will cost significantly less to organise than a live event, with no logistical headaches to untangle in advance. This saves money on organising the conference and requires less time too.

One thing is also for sure; virtual conferencing is very popular with anyone who wishes to attend. When compared to being required to attend an event in person, an online conference is just so much more convenient. Delegates love being able to network, access presentations and seminars and collaborate with others all from the comfort of their desk or their home.

Try An iVent Virtual Conference

If you have a conference in the planning stages, or think that a virtual event could be right for your organisation, why not use our innovative, class-leading virtual solution? Doing this will help you to reach more people and save your business money. In addition, it will still provide all the benefits associated with a traditional live event such as networking for delegates and full control of the day to you.

Get in touch today to see just how an iVent virtual conference can help you deliver more.


The iVent support is outstanding as our clients will tell you and you will have access to speak to us for the duration of your live events. You will be assigned a dedicated event manager at the outset of each project so you have a professional to rely on if you need help. We will ensure you are ‘event ready’ before you go live.

Self Service & White Glove

The iVent platform has been developed with an easy-to-use admin interface so that you can manage your events and content as you wish and in real time however many clients want us to take the strain for them and take advantage of our full “white glove” service.


In the client admin portal you can access a wealth of statistics and data about your events. All of this is in ‘real time ‘meaning you can have an immediate and accurate snap-shot of how successful your event is while it is live. Easy to understand custom reports and graphs are available at the click of a button.

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