Virtual Conferences.

From intimate seminars to large branded conferences with 1000's of delegates, our events platform offers a cost-efficient virtual conference solution.

Create next-level online conferences with sponsors, exhibitors and presenters all in one space to deliver the best virtual experience to a global audience.

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Reach a bigger audience

Here at iVent, we develop solutions to your requirements coupled with our experience and know-how to give you an easy-to-use virtual conference platform that can far expand the reach of your virtual event.

Virtual conferences are key to the operations of many organisations. Whether it is to connect with new and potential customers, develop relationships with external business partners or improve internal performance within a company, an online conference is ideally suited.

We work with API integration or registration via your own iVent registration process.

Virtual vs. hybrid conferences

In simple terms, a virtual conference is an event that happens online; It enables participants to attend and engage from any location without the need to physically travel. An online conference provides an easy-to-manage and easy-to-access bespoke and inclusive experience for anyone who wishes to attend.

However, if you would like to reach both online audience but also have a venue for presentations, we are here to help. Our specialist team can help you set up onsite to film the live event in full HD and then screen it online for delegates to access either in real-time, or as an on-demand recording. Hybrid events allow you to add the benefits of a virtual conference to a physical event for maximum ROI.

Why host a virtual conference?

Our virtual conference platform gives you access to a fully featured solution providing a wealth of features including:

  • Easy online access for delegates to attend, wherever they are
  • An intuitive personal agenda builder for delegates to set and control their own schedule
  • Full live chat and video chat for delegates to network with
  • Stunning virtual booths for sponsors and exhibitors to showcase their product launches
  • Management and feedback tools including social media integration and real-time analytics

Opting for a virtual conference for your next event makes total business sense. Not only does it provide an opportunity to run a successful conference with a significantly extended reach, it also provides an intuitive customised, next-level experience for your delegates to enjoy.

What are the Advantages of Virtual Conferences?

The big advantages organisations love about hosting online conferences revolve around cost reduction, time savings and the ability to achieve a wider reach. A virtual conference will cost significantly less to organise than a live event, with no logistical headaches to untangle in advance. This saves money on organising the conference and requires less time too.

When compared to a physical conference we see some of our clients get up to 40% higher attendance per day. Delegates love being able to network, access presentations and seminars and collaborate with others all from the comfort of their desk.

Engage with Our Delegates Via Live Text Chat or Video Chat

Live text chat can become overwhelming and not as personal. That's why we also provide video chat features in our virtual conference platform to connect with delegates for smaller networking sessions

Live Text Chat

HD Broadcasting From a Live Event

We can help you manage the production and filming on site at your live event and stream the content straight into your online conference

HD Broadcasting

Meetings Like No Other

Full diary management system for pre and post-event 1-1’s or group sessions in booths and sponsor spaces.

No download. No plugins. No problem

Virtual Conferences

Your next event is in safe hands.

Why choose us?

We don't just help you produce your next event, we help you deliver the best event. Below are just some of the reasons how:

Fully Customisable

We don't use templates - simple. Everything is customised from the ground up by our in-house experts to ensure its functionality is a perfect match to your event objectives

Secure & Fully GDPR Compliant

Our technology is built in a secure Cloud-hosted environment with end to end encryption ensuring your data is safe. The iVent virtual conference platform is also fully GDPR compliant

Support All The Way Through

Our project, design and support teams will work with you along the way to make your virtual event a real success. We even offer a White Glove service to do all the heavy-lifting

Data & Analytics

Access your event data at any time, with tailored access for your exhibitors to see their booth attendance and performance

Mobile & Tablet Compatible

Our digital platform is mobile optimised including live streaming capabilities for webcasting to all devices.

Global Access

Our platform utilises the world’s quickest CDN (Content Delivery Network). We cover 5 continents with unlimited scalability

Self Service

Our platform is also self-service and we host a variety of training programmes and a knowledge base with everything you need to know. You will, of course, always have a direct contact with our team in case you need support

Intuitive Design

Our technology is cutting edge, and our design is simple and intuitive. We have carefully created it in this way to ensure the platform’s functionality is ‘easy-to-use’ with design that’s great to look at. It can also be fully branded to your brand requirements.

Event Support

We provide you with peace of mind, with an array of support plans to suit your needs. Our support team will be monitoring your live events, no matter what timezone you are in.

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