[E-book] Enhancing Engagement at Your Virtual Event

Enhance engagement at virtual and hybrid events


With the advent of COVID-19 and lockdown, organisers and companies rushed to turn their physical events into virtual events. As a result, many just ‘re-created’ their physical events into digital events without consideration of how different it is for an attendee to attend an online event vs. a physical event.

Two challenges of virtual events are:

  1. How to keep your audience engaged over a long period of time
  2. How to ensure that the all-important aspect of networking actually happens. So you need to provide interactive elements in order to involve the audience at your virtual event

This e-book expands on our successful blog piece 6 ways to increase engagement at virtual events and lays out some of the successful ways to boost engagement at your virtual event. Some ideas might work for your attendee type and some may not, so just pick and choose those that you think could best suit your event.

What’s in it for me?

In this free e-book, you will learn how to:

  • Build engaging programmes
  • Pick and support speakers that engage
  • Create presentations that hook your audience
  • Much, much more


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