Data & Analytics.

Access invaluable data 24/7, 365 days a year. Our reporting tools provide you with transparency to view the data that you want at any time, allowing you to measure the success of your event before, during or post-event.

Each of your exhibitors will also get a secure access to see their booth data and measure the activity of their booth instantaneously.

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Data and Analytics

Pinpoint your delegates on a map

As a client favourite, our live map allows you to get a live view of how your virtual event is being attended.

See where delegates are joining from directly on the map and get an immediate feel for their event activity.

Virtual iVent

Forensic insights

Our reporting tools don't just let you see who attended vs who didn't. With our reports you can see the activity and popularity of each of your event areas with deeper insights like click-through rate, viewing times and chat transcripts.

All the data is yours, you can get reports from your event at any point.

Ivent Analytics Dashboard

Exclusive access to exhibitors

In our reporting tool your exhibitors and sponsors will get a dedicated access to just see their data and performance of their areas.

Your data is safe, secure and hidden from anyone who is not supposed to see it. If you choose to, you can restrict exhibitors from accessing reports at all.

Ivent Attendance Analytics Dashboard

Your next event is in safe hands.

Why choose us?

We don't just help you produce your next event, we help you deliver the best event. Below are just some of the reasons how:

Fully Customisable

We don't use templates - simple. Everything is customised from the ground up by our in-house experts to ensure its functionality is a perfect match to your event objectives.

Secure & Fully GDPR Compliant

Our technology is built in a secure Cloud-hosted environment with end to end encryption ensuring your data is safe. The iVent platform is also fully GDPR compliant.

Support All The Way Through

Our project, design and support teams will work with you along the way to make your virtual event a real success.

Data & Analytics

Access your event data at any time, with tailored access for your exhibitors to see their booth attendance and performance.

Global Access

Our platform utilises the world’s quickest CDN (Content Delivery Network). We cover 5 continents with unlimited scalability.

No Downloads

Our priority is making an experience that is accessible as possible. To join an iVent event all you need is an internet connection and a modern browser, the rest is handled by our platform.

We don't believe in events that require downloads or plug-ins. It's simple.

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