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Say hello to our most advanced Meeting Manager yet. We believe networking is at the heart of each event and that's why our events are supercharged with meeting features that help you meet, connect and network like never before.

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Instant Meetings

Instant Meetings give delegates an opportunity to network like never before. With a touch of a button, a delegate can find other people in the event who are online and send them an invitation to meet for a 1-2-1 private video chat.

These meetings are designed to spark engagement and connectivity in the event as there is no setup required: just find the person you want to meet and send them an invite.

This feature works using a completely redesigned Who’s Here functionality, a brand new notifications system and additional features added to the Profiles.

⚡️ Introducing Booth Instant Meetings

This new enhanced feature brings the power and serendipity of Instant Meetings into our booths: you can see who is currently visiting your booth and invite up to 5 participants for an instant video call.

Booth Instant Meetings are a great way to engage your booth visitors right there on the spot. When you see an attendee online, instead of going through and organising a meeting through Meeting Manager, you can simply invite them into a quick video call.

You can pitch your brand, say "Hi" or demo a product with screen-share in the video chat — right from your booth!

Scheduled Meetings

Scheduling a meeting is simple, intuitive yet ultimately configurable to suit the needs of the host.

Meeting configuration will define how much control you want to leave up to the system and allow more people to book on your meeting or put yourself in the control seat and manage each participant that books.

With each setting at a flick of a switch, you can edit features like Attendee Privacy which prevents booked people from seeing other participants names prior to the meeting. You can also set up a group of meetings in advance and disable Meeting Bookability which will prevent delegates from seeing your meeting too early in advance.

Video Chat with up to 25 participants and screen share

Active attendees will show up prominently whenever that person is speaking so you can easily focus on the centre of the conversation.

The host will always be identified with a label and when the meeting starts recording, everyone will be able to see that represented with a recording icon.

You can also bring in the side panel to access information like the meeting details in the About section, view who is currently in the meeting in the Attendees tab or enter the meeting chat in the Chat tab.

Group and personal meetings will also allow the host to screen-share and give others permission to share their screens.

Advanced host controls

The meeting details screen is your meeting control panel. As a host, you can easily get information at a glance about the times of your meeting, your meeting agenda, meeting configuration, location and also information about the host which will be utilised from a profile of that user.

Options give access to edit, cancel meetings or manage and message your meeting participants.

During meetings, hosts are in control at all times. For example, they will always be able to disconnect or mute participants.

Works on any device

Meeting Manager is designed mobile-first with responsive design in mind.

This means that whether you access Meeting Manager and video chat on the go on your phone, or at home/office on your laptop, you will always benefit from a responsive design that will make the most use out of the screen that you use at that time.

Meeting Manager and video chat meetings will be available across all devices, mobile, tablet and desktop so you will never miss out on an opportunity to meet, network and connect.

Smart notifications

Meeting participants and hosts will always be kept up-to-date on the latest happenings with their meetings or bookings.

Both users will receive notifications that they can use to create actions, like approving or declining new booked participants, responding with a direct message to a participant that cancelled or simply joining the meeting.

A user will be able to choose whether they would like to receive these notifications via email as well in their profile.

meeting manager smart notifications

Engagement at your next event is in safe hands.

Some additional features:

Event administrators controls

Event administrators will be able to see all the meetings in the event, even if they are not hosts.

Individual meetings reporting

All meetings will have access to a report showing transcripts, attendees, and much more.

Summary Report

Event administrators will be able to get a summary report of all the meetings that happened in their event.

Booth administrators collaboration settings

Booth administrators will be able to access, edit and manage each others' meetings on the same booth (i.e., if their colleague is offline).

Meeting recordings

Hosts of booth administrators can record their meetings, access and download them at any time.

Connection tester

Before joining a meeting, users will be able to check their network and audio/video setup.

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