Virtual Marketing & Sales

Generate more quality leads and improve your pipeline with a virtual event. A virtual engagement solution helps bring together customers, experts and stakeholders from dispersed global locations whilst improving your brand awareness ensuring you have brand omnipresence.

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Key Features and Benefits Include:

  • Keep the world up to date with your brand
  • Educate potential buyers
  • Deliver content to your audience with a new immediacy
  • Showcase new products and services
  • Target your audience precisely
  • Demonstrable ROI
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Reach And Engage With New And Existing Customers Virtually

Marketing and sales are some of the most crucial tasks that your business will be involved in. Not only do they allow you to show stakeholders and consumers what your brand stands for, they're also methods for bringing in vital revenue. Being able to get your message across to the right audience in the most effective way is key for business success. The digital advances in marketing and sales - such as iVent's virtual marketing platform - can significantly impact the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing efforts.

A True Digital Marketing And Sales Solution

A lot of business is done online now and that's where the majority of consumers can be found. With this in mind, it makes perfect sense to include virtual events within a marketing strategy to reach more people in an engaging way that enables them to connect with your brand. Our innovative, tailored platform can be used for a whole host of marketing or sales events, from virtual product launches to content marketing and virtual exhibitions. Developed exclusively by our in-house team of experts, it offers a comprehensive range of powerful features, controlled and managed via an intuitive online interface, to make a virtual event a success.

Why Conduct A Virtual Sales Or Marketing Event?

There are many benefits a virtual event can bring to the marketing mix. One of the biggest advantages is the inclusive and global nature of the platform, which enables organisations to reach and engage with clients or stakeholders from around the world. This provides opportunities to penetrate new markets or simply continue growing in current ones in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Branding is very important to all businesses, particularly in today’s high-noise environment, and the iVent platform for virtual audience engagement is a superb way to build yours. Not only does it allow you to share information and new products with your target audience more easily, but it gets your brand in front of more people globally. Bringing everyone together online really helps to foster a sense of community around what you do, contributing towards a more prosperous sales pipeline.

Effective Online Tools For Improved Marketing ROI

When it comes to marketing and sales, getting a good return on your investment is key. Here at iVent, we are confident that our virtual solution provides organisation with a significantly improved ROI than traditional marketing events. On top of the class-leading range of tools and features that help make events a success, powerful in-built analytics tools allow organisers to really drill down during and after the event to understand the full picture. Custom reports are also available, so you can easily present any data to colleagues.

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The iVent support is outstanding as our clients will tell you and you will have access to speak to us for the duration of your live events. You will be assigned a dedicated event manager at the outset of each project so you have a professional to rely on if you need help. We will ensure you are ‘event ready’ before you go live.

Self Service & White Glove

The iVent platform has been developed with an easy-to-use admin interface so that you can manage your events and content as you wish and in real time however many clients want us to take the strain for them and take advantage of our full “white glove” service.


In the client admin portal you can access a wealth of statistics and data about your events. All of this is in ‘real time ‘meaning you can have an immediate and accurate snap-shot of how successful your event is while it is live. Easy to understand custom reports and graphs are available at the click of a button.

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