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Training and learning are now an integral part of business - whether it’s driven by legislation change, health & safety or to boost employee engagement and effectiveness.

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Tailor your training delivery

One of the major contributing factors of enabling staff to perform at their best is finding a way to provide the specific training that they require. Whether it is simply bringing employees up to speed with new internal procedures or delivering compliance training on new regulations, effective and engaging internal learning is vital for all businesses.

In today’s fast-paced business world, modern training solutions that make use of the latest web-based technologies enable proactive training to be delivered as efficiently as possible. Our virtual learning platform has been specifically developed as a cost and time-efficient-way to provide companies with the online training solution that they need.

Enhance your employee onboarding

Comprehensive training should begin the moment a new member of staff walks in the door. Our virtual learning environment gives businesses a cost-effective and innovative way to do this. New employees can simply log onto the virtual environment and have instant access to all the training information they need to begin work. The intuitive and beautifully designed environments also help new employees to quickly acclimatise to the company culture and ethos as well as their role, with everything they need right at their fingertips.

Particularly when used in combination with virtual recruitment events, online training delivered via a bespoke virtual environment becomes part of a seamless onboarding process for new employees.


Training that never stops

Our content-rich online training platform allows for the latest courses and information to be made available for staff to complete. With built-in attendance and progress monitoring, managers have the power to instantly see who has done what. Of course, online learning really comes into its own with a workforce that is spread across multiple locations. The iVent virtual learning solution means that employees can access precisely the training that they need simply, quickly and wherever they are located, exactly when they need it.

Reduce your costs

Our online training environment from can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each organisation, whether it is a full on training academy or a single online training room for staff to access. This also means that staff members don’t need to spend time training other employees and can get more work done throughout the day. With automatic certification for all courses, other powerful features including a resource library for all content, the iVent virtual training and learning solution is ideal for any business.

What you can expect:

  • A fully scalable environment that is flexible to your training programme and employee or client's needs
  • Advanced webinars and workshops with live Q&A with those being trained
  • Certification training & built-in accreditation
  • Learning management system modules integrated within the virtual platform
  • Training booths that feature live chat, video, training resources, online click through courses, meetings, live presentations and more
  • Fully downloadable resource library housing all learning content and reference materials
  • Data analytics to track attendee engagement and participation in the courses
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New employee onboarding

Reduce HR resources with automated training programmes and sessions

Corporate compliance

Ensure your workforce are up to speed with new legislation by delivering effective training across multiple locations

Certification & CIPD

Ongoing professional development is key to an organisation’s success and can be delivered efficiently via a virtual environment


Livestream your presentations

We can manage the production and filming on site at your live event and stream the content into the virtual environment

Post event session delivery

Most audiences are all year round and a virtual event environment enables a low cost content delivery solution to users across the year

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Your next event is in safe hands.

Why choose us?

We don't just help you produce your next event, we help you deliver the best event.
Below are just some of the reasons how:

Build a more Effective Workforce

Keep track of dispersed employees progress using our in depth analytics portal tracking their training

Improve Employee Performance

Greater access to training courses and certification will make for a much happier employee

Cost Effective Training Solution

Reduce your training costs without losing any of the efficiency

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