Virtual Product Launch Event

A virtual product launch event enables you to manage and extend the exposure of a new product or service to a global audience in a content-rich online event and in a time and cost-efficient way. These types of events can either be standalone or support a live product launch event programme, especially where it is a launch across a geographically diverse customer base.

Virtual Product Launch Event Entrance

Key Features and Benefits Include:

  • Live stream launches with presentations, speakers and product demonstrations
  • Resource hub with product specific downloads including brochures, videos, promotions or podcasts
  • Wider audience reach including international audiences and time-pressured press and media
  • Product booths enabling reps to talk direct to the industry or customers
  • On-demand facilities accessible 24/7
  • Live launch support with a virtual component
  • Real time and post-event audience analytics
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Global Reach

Reach geographically dispersed delegates

Multi-language Options

The iVent system has multi language capability meaning your different global audiences can easily participate

Time zone automation

Deliver your product launch across multiple time zones effortlessly

Inform hard to reach customers

Content rich information track to every event delegate

Brand Omnipresence

A virtual event ensures your brand has true omnipresence


Send invitations to meet your prospects in your booth with a full diary management system

Reach Global Audiences
Virtual Product Launch Event Stand

Sales Reps Booths

Start talking about your new product or service with leads with an immediacy that is only possible in a virtual environment

HD streaming to all devices

No one misses out on your launch as all modern smartphone and tablet devices are compatible with the iVent platform

A big part of launching a new product is standing out and grabbing people's attention. So now that most consumers go online to shop, check out new products or access reviews on something they are thinking of buying, this makes a virtual product launch event a true 21st Century business solution. After all, doesn't it make sense to be where your customers are? ie online? For whatever type of product you are ready to unveil, an iVent virtual product launch event is the perfect solution. Not only will it give you a far bigger reach but will also allow you to penetrate new markets in an engaging way.

What Are The Benefits Of Virtual Product Launch Event?

Using our cutting-edge online solution for a virtual product launch event brings a whole host of benefits. To begin with, it enables you to achieve significant savings in both time and money compared to running a traditional, live product launch event. It eliminates the usual organisational and logistical concerns that traditional product launches can throw up and makes it a much more relaxing experience for you.

Online product launch events are also so much more convenient and inclusive. It doesn't matter which part of the world someone is in; they can log on from their own home or office to find out about the new product you are launching. This will mean you can reach a wider audience and increase lead generation in comparison to hosting a live product launch in just one location that attendees need to physically attend. Using technology in this way also helps to position an organisation as a forward-thinking and innovative business.

Virtual Product Launches To Support Live Events

Some businesses want a live product launch event but with a virtual aspect helping to support it. If this is the case for your organisation then we can help. If you are planning a live product launch event, providing simultaneous online access can extend the reach to a global audience. Our expert team can also film your live product launch event and make it available online to be viewed live or at a later time, maximising the value of the event.

A hybrid event provides the best of both real and virtual worlds and can include elements such as live keynote streaming, networking and audience analytics.

Why Choose iVent For Your Virtual Product Launch Event?

Here at iVent, we have many years of experience in enabling a wide range of organisations to deliver engaging and effective virtual events. Our team of specialists have the skills and expertise to make sure your product launch is executed smoothly and successfully. Our bespoke online platform is intuitive and easy to operate, providing a powerful way to launch a new product online with class-leading features from HD streaming on all devices to real-time analytical data on the launch.

Make An Impact With A Live Product Launch Event

A virtual launch is a great way to really create a big buzz around your new product or service.

The opportunity to extend your business reach across all of the world and build a truly global brand has never been easier. What’s more, a virtual product launch event enables you to save resources and maximise ROI. Take hassle and worry out of the equation with your next product launch by delivering an innovative and engaging virtual event

To find out how a virtual product launch can benefit your organisation, get in touch with iVent today.


The iVent support is outstanding as our clients will tell you and you will have access to speak to us for the duration of your live events. You will be assigned a dedicated event manager at the outset of each project so you have a professional to rely on if you need help. We will ensure you are ‘event ready’ before you go live.

Self Service & White Glove

The iVent platform has been developed with an easy-to-use admin interface so that you can manage your events and content as you wish and in real time however many clients want us to take the strain for them and take advantage of our full “white glove” service.


In the client admin portal you can access a wealth of statistics and data about your events. All of this is in ‘real time ‘meaning you can have an immediate and accurate snap-shot of how successful your event is while it is live. Easy to understand custom reports and graphs are available at the click of a button.

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