Product Launches.

A virtual product launch platform enables you to manage and extend the exposure of a new product or service to a global audience in a content-rich online event and in a time and cost-efficient way.

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Product Launches

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The benefits of a virtual product launch

Achieve significant savings in both time and money compared to running a traditional, live event. It eliminates the usual organisational and logistical concerns that traditional product launches can throw up and makes it a much more relaxing experience for you.

Online product launch platform events are also so much more convenient and inclusive. It doesn't matter which part of the world someone is in; they can log on from their own home or office to find out about the new product you are launching. This will mean you can reach a wider audience and increase lead generation in comparison to hosting a live product launch in just one location that attendees need to physically attend. Using technology in this way also helps to position an organisation as a forward-thinking and innovative business.

Support your live event with a virtual addition

You might want a live product launch platform event but with a virtual aspect helping to support it. By providing simultaneous online access you can extend the reach to a global audience. Our expert team can also film your live product launch platform event and make it available online to be viewed live or at a later time, maximising the value of the event. A hybrid event provides the best of both real and virtual worlds and can include elements such as live keynote streaming, networking and audience analytics.

Unbeatable experience

For over 11 years, we have enabled a wide range of organisations to deliver engaging and effective virtual events. Our team of specialists have the skills and expertise to make sure your product launch platform event is executed smoothly and successfully. Our customisable online platform allows you to be in the driving seat, providing a powerful way to launch a new product online with class-leading features from HD streaming on all devices to real-time analytical data on the launch.

Make an impact today

A virtual launch is a great way to really create a big buzz around your new product or service.

The opportunity to extend your business reach across all of the world and build a truly global brand has never been easier. What’s more, a virtual product launch platform enables you to save resources and maximise ROI. Take hassle and worry out of the equation with your next product launch by delivering an innovative and engaging virtual event.

Inform Hard-to-Reach Delegates

Content rich information tracks for every delegate

Brand Omnipresence

A virtual event ensures your brand has true omnipresence

Meetings that do the Work

Send invitations, host video chat meetings and get delegates to book

custom virtual spaces - custom navigation

Sales Representative Booths

Impress leads with your new product with an immediacy that is only possible in a virtual environment

HD Streaming for All

No one misses out on your launch as all modern smartphone and tablet devices are compatible with the iVent platform

Sales Representative Booths

Stand Out

A big part of launching a new product is standing out and grabbing people's attention. For whatever type of product you are ready to unveil, an iVent virtual product launch platform event is the perfect solution. Not only will it give you a far bigger reach but will also allow you to penetrate new markets in a new and engaging way.

Under Armour

Your next event is in safe hands.

Why choose us?

We don't just help you produce your next event, we help you deliver the best event. Below are just some of the reasons how:


We support multi-language capability meaning your global audience can navigate in language they understand

Timezone Automation

Deliver your product launch across multiple time zones effortlessly

Livestream, Everything

Stream your product launches, Q&A sessions and more live from your venue directly into your virtual environment

Resource Hub

Provide easy access to all of your product specific downloads including brochures, videos, promotions or podcasts

Global Omnipresence

Make sure nobody misses the chance to see your new exciting product. Widen your audience reach including international audiences and time-pressured press and media

Product Booths

Enable your reps to dive deeper into the details of your new products. Showcase them, share information and discuss right in the booth

On-Demand, Whenever, Wherever

Your event doesn't stop once the curtain closes. Have all of your content available on-demand for later for those who couldn't make it on the day

Live Launch Support

We can help you stream your live launch, too, and integrate it seamlessly for an online delivery in our platform

Real-Time Analytics

Access your event statistics pre, during and post-event. Allow your sales reps individual access to see their booth performance

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