Virtual Events
For Public Sector Organisations

At iVent, we are seeing a rising demand for virtual events from the public sector in order to mitigate the high costs of running events, to reduce travel time and to expand their reach.

Virtual events are not only the most cost-effective route to reach a widely dispersed audience but are becoming an expectation as the digital revolution continues to embed itself in everyday working practices.

Why Should Public Sector
Organisations Choose Virtual Events?

iVent is a virtual events specialist with 10 years’ experience and is listed on The Crown Commercial Service’s G-Cloud 10 framework, making it faster, simpler and cheaper for public sector bodies to select expert suppliers, such as ourselves. Working with a range of public sector clients, iVent has delivered thousands of virtual events, from recruitment and careers fairs for universities to internal conferences for the NHS, the MOD, the Department of International Trade and the College of Police.

iVent has designed and delivered hundreds of virtual events. Here’s why. Virtual events are:

  • A cost-effective solution: Without the need for venues and audio-visual equipment for the organiser, and travel and hotel cost savings for attendees, virtual events are cost effective for all.
  • Time & resource efficient: Virtual events by their nature, are time efficient, not only for events ‘personnel tasked with delivering the event, but also for delegates attending the event who can save on travel time.
  • Improved attendee experience & engaging: It is notable that, in practice, delegates are far happier to ask questions online than at a live event and find meeting other delegates much easier online than walking up to a ‘stranger’ to introduce themselves, thus creating a highly engaging event.
  • Available on demand or supportive of a physical event: Virtual events can be used alongside a live event, often to create an ‘on demand’ element where event delegates can revisit the event to gather information, content and resources at a time to suit them. Or, if a virtual event is created, it can be left ‘on demand’ to attract those who were unable to attend the original virtual event.

And finally, why choose iVent?

  • A cost-effective solution allowing multiple events in a year: iVent operates an annual licence fee which means unlimited events can be delivered over the year, often for the fraction of the cost of a physical event.
  • Fully customisable: With functionality to match any requirement, iVent does not use templates but creates the exact event to meet the brief.
  • Secure: GDPR compliant, iVent technology is built in a secure cloud hosted environment with end to end encryption ensuring your data is safe.
  • Led by experts in events: iVent is run by people who understand both events and technology. There are few virtual event suppliers with the experience, knowledge and talent to rival iVent and even fewer who have 8 years’ experience of how to make a virtual event truly effective.
  • Features to create engaging events: The iVent platform offers multiple ways for attendees to engage. With live chat functionality, audio and video chat, webinar presentations, content and networking can be delivered in a variety of ways to keep it interesting, stimulating and engaging.
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