State of the Events 2021 Survey: Results and Insights

state of the events industry 2021 report

iVent is excited to share with you the results and findings of our 2021 State of the Events Industry Survey. This was completed in May 2021 by 2,800 people involved in events and provides a good snapshot as to how the industry is looking at their virtual and hybrid events in the context of a lift in COVID-19 related restrictions.

We have asked our network of events industry professionals to reflect on questions such as:

  • Whether they will continue to run some virtual events when social distancing measures are dropped in their country
  • The percentage of events they will continue to run virtually post-COVID-19
  • What do they see as the main benefits of virtual events
  • What do they consider as the most important features of a virtual event
  • Much more!

Since our respondents came from a wide range of industries, these results are a good barometer for the outlook for events as a whole for the coming year. Enjoy your read.

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