365 Virtual Environments & Digital Hubs

24/7 online digital hubs work well for organisations that have an ‘all year round’ audience and want to have an environment that can be both live or on-demand at different times of the year.

Usually the virtual environment exists in an on-demand state with registered visitors being able to visit the hub and download resources or engage with your representatives via the contact portal. At regular, scheduled times across the year, the environment can be made ‘live’ where the booths are attended by representatives, live presentations are delivered in the auditoriums, and networking sessions are held.

Virtual Hub Example

Key Features and Benefits Include:

  • Controlled communication with a variety of different audiences
  • The ability to make the environment live for key activity at appropriate points in the year
  • Cost-efficient and time-efficient way to deliver an on-going global outreach
  • 365 presence for on-demand access
  • Manage content in real time for different audiences
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Digital Content Hub

This is a particularly useful solution for pharma companies, as training environments and for those clients wishing to host a trade show 365.

Editable Resource library

Manage and curate your digital hub content in real time.

Dynamic Content

Customise what content a user accesses on log in to give them a personalised experience.

Engage your audience within an interactive environment

This is the next level up from a website where users can interact directly with you in a two way communications flow.

“Working Parents Zone is a new solution and we are pleased at the positive impact this new communications tool is having for our clients and their employees.”

Andy Philpott, Sales and Marketing Director for Edenred
Interactive Online Environment

Virtual Environments For Year Round Communications

Having a well-designed and informative website is great, but is that enough in the modern world? Consumers and clients now expect a more connected relationship with organisations, where communication flows both ways. If you're looking for an effective and easy to use way to facilitate this, why not consider a tailored virtual environment?

Here at iVent, our virtual platform solutions provide organisations with a cutting-edge way to engage with partners, customers and other stakeholders. Offering the flexibility to run live events when needed and act as an online resource for people to interact with, virtual environments enable organisations to maintain a permanently accessible presence to engage fully with all relevant audience groups.

Online Hubs: How Do They Work?

Digital hubs are a form of virtual environment that provide a year-round, presence online. These innovative virtual environments allow you to post content and curate it in a way that authorised users can access anytime. Whether it's resources for staff to access as part of an online training solution or information for clients relating to sales or support, they give a secure, simple and effective way to host, manage and provide access to all kinds of digital content.

It's not just a place from which clients can download forms or information, though. iVent's stunning virtual environments also enable partners and clients to interact directly with your employees. The built-in contact portal makes engaging in a two-way conversation easy and productive; whether via live chat, audio chat or video chat.

As a tool for maintaining a constant presence with content that different audiences may need, virtual environments are hard to beat.

Live Virtual Events On-Demand

A great feature that we have built into our virtual environments is the ability to host live events whenever you want. From webinars to full virtual conferences, at any point in the year, you can host events including features such as live presentations, real-time networking, exhibitions and video chat. This freedom to have a 24/7 digital resource - along with live events on-demand - is truly ground-breaking in online environments.

Virtual Environments Help Improve Efficiency Of Organisations

If you require a time-efficient and cost-effective way to maintain a constant online presence for your brand, our online hubs are a great option. The ability to customise the content each individual will see for a truly personal approach is something most users will appreciate. With an intuitive and beautifully designed interface and a full suite of powerful tools at your fingertips, a bespoke virtual environment could help take your business to the next level.

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The iVent support is outstanding as our clients will tell you and you will have access to speak to us for the duration of your live events. You will be assigned a dedicated event manager at the outset of each project so you have a professional to rely on if you need help. We will ensure you are ‘event ready’ before you go live.

Self Service & White Glove

The iVent platform has been developed with an easy-to-use admin interface so that you can manage your events and content as you wish and in real time however many clients want us to take the strain for them and take advantage of our full “white glove” service.


In the client admin portal you can access a wealth of statistics and data about your events. All of this is in ‘real time ‘meaning you can have an immediate and accurate snap-shot of how successful your event is while it is live. Easy to understand custom reports and graphs are available at the click of a button.

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