Online Webinar Events

“Our live & on-demand streaming platform allows you to broadcast HD quality video & audio presentations in real time from anywhere to anyone in the world”

Create a fully branded online webinar, in just a few easy steps with our easy to use presentation tools with a fully customisable interface.

Webinar with Live Video

Key Features and Benefits Include:

  • HD streaming for video and audio from your desktop webcam, a mobile phone or from a live event using a professional camera crew
  • Global coverage utilising the world's quickest CDN covering 7 continents
  • Scalability - stream large numbers of simultaneous live events between many locations to 1000’s of viewers
  • Delivery to all devices including PC’s, Android and iOS devices
  • Real Time Analytics - our metrics panel gives you total visibility into the who, what, and where of your audience
  • On Demand - all streamed content can be played back on-demand by your virtual audience
  • Fully animated PowerPoint slides with transitions, embedded video and SmartArt
  • No software downloads or plug ins
  • Live chat & questions with the presenter and other delegates
  • Polls and surveys on the ‘fly’
  • Social media integration and share facility
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‘For professional “studio quality” broadcasts we also have an in-house production team that can work from any site in the world to manage your entire event on-site’

Reach A Live Global Audience With An Online Webinar

In today’s world, more and more of our interactions are occurring online. Technology can help organisations extend the reach of their communications and connect with audiences regardless of location through virtual events and hybrid events. Using an online webinar and other events enables businesses to deliver engaging interactive presentations, seminars or other forms of content live, in real-time directly to audience members via an internet connected device, whether a mobile, tablet, laptop or PC.

How Does An Online Webinar Work?

Webinars are conducted through an online streaming platform which allows hosts to create and share high-quality video and audio presentations in real-time. This means that you can connect with clients and colleagues across the globe instantly, and stream live events and meetings easily and quickly.

The benefits of an online webinar do not only extend to client reach; they can also provide significant savings in both time and money when compared to organising a traditional live event, seminar or presentation. Hosting a webinar means you can connect with a wide audience instantly using a single platform, and your viewers can access the content on demand after the event, allowing perfect, instant recall of important details and features. An online webinar also offers immediate feedback and opinions, responses to off the cuff surveys and questions, quickly giving valuable insight into participants’ thoughts and preferences. Real-time analytics also provide invaluable data, giving total visibility into your webinar audience; who is watching, where in the world they are, and what they are particularly interested in.

Why Use An Online Webinar?

Webinars and other events online allow you to offer your clients and colleagues the chance to participate in an experience, rather than merely a meeting. What is more, the experience can be accessed quickly and conveniently regardless of the participant’s location.

Viewers from all over the world can interact and discuss the things they are seeing and hearing, helping your content and message to reach a truly global audience, even outside of those participating. Webinars can make the world smaller; connecting people with live events wherever they may be. They also have huge benefits for your business; efficient and economical, instant responses and feedback, and a truly unique insight into your audience and client base, including their immediate reactions. To discover how an online webinar or two could be used to innovate your business, contact iVent for a helpful chat.

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