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The Go-To Virtual and Hybrid Event Specialists, since 2010.

We provide powerful, flexible, digital venues and best-in-class human support using our multi-award-winning platform and team.

Event design, management, delivery, support

14+ years of experience

Multi-award winning

Carbon negative events

Tech is better with people.

"Tech is better with people" is a different way to think about virtual events and hybrid events: one of the unique things about us is that we provide project-based services along with our brand-new software-as-a-service platform.

This is because at iVent, software-as-a-service & services go together: we’re not just a software company — we’re a virtual events and hybrid events company with 50+ years of combined experience in the industry.

We know that technology won’t save events. #EventProfs will.

Our part in that is giving great event professionals the tools and support that help them and their organisations spend more time creating and delivering engaging, profitable and sustainable events.

Get started with your next event.

Decided on virtual events, or are you considering a hybrid solution?

Not a problem! Our platform can deliver both and our team can help you make the most of it.


Virtual Event and Hybrid Event Solutions.

For over 14 years we have worked with global businesses, educational institutions, SMEs and everything in between, and our team has worked with the world’s biggest brands on award-winning events, from complex multi-track conferences to university open days and hybrid corporate product launches.

We'll do right by your side.

Your next virtual event or hybrid event is in safe hands.

Why iVent and not someone else?

We're a fresh, hugely experienced and gritty team that combines the power of market-leading technology and the creativity of human beings to make your events work.

We don’t settle for transactional relationships. Instead, we seek true, long-lasting partnerships.

We’re committed to supporting our products until the end of the internet. With full independence, plus a 13-year track record, we’re here for the long haul. We’ll do right by you.

Our ethos is “no event for the sake of it”. We're focused on tangible, measurable results, so we strive to make every event engagement touchpoint count and we don’t stop grafting until we get the desired results.

This is how we do it:

Same team, brand new engine

iVent Pro is our next-gen digital event platform purpose-built to deliver success through continuous event engagement.


Accessibility compliance is at the core of everything we do, ensuring we meet WCAG 2.1 level AA standards.

Secure and compliant, out-of-the-box

✓ GDPR Compliant
✓ Official G-Cloud supplier
✓ Cyber Essentials certified
✓ Your events, your data

Make it feel like your own venue

Never run a virtual event that looks like everyone else’s again.

iVent Pro allows you to change the colours of the event interior to your branded colours, so your brand will be recognised at a glance and kept top-of-mind for your prospective students.

Make language barriers irrelevant

The entire platform, from the user UI, admin UI to live chats, is supported in 80+ languages.

Get your event project managed

92% of EventProfs think that virtual events require event staff with different skill sets than physical events.

Avoid a ‘just do it’ approach and entrust our team of specialists to adopt well-proven project management techniques which put everyone in control and make the organisation of your event more efficient.

With you every step of the way

We're with you from that first discovery call all the way through the day of the event through bespoke training, ongoing expert-driven advice, technical troubleshooting and on-the-day support.

You can also entrust our White Glove Service for when you want us to do all the heavy lifting such as data entry, speaker rehearsals and much more.

Designs that WOW and engage

Our design solutions combine the expertise of a world-class creative studio agency and the convenience of an in-house design team, at the cost of a freelancer.

Our services are best together, but also best in class alone

You can start right now with the software and optionally get the support you need with consulting, training, design, project management and event experience design from our partner services team anytime to make the most out of our tech.

Carbon-negative events

A simple idea with a big impact: you host, we plant trees to make your digital carbon footprint negative.

Let us help you with your next event.

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