About us.

iVentees are a fun, friendly and one of a kind bunch of extremely passionate people. Our talented team ranges from event experts, client gurus and support multi-taskers to development brainiacs and technological visionaries.

We always strive to deliver the best experience for our clients, whether it's a last minute event or a complex solution - we work together to deliver.

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Our Approach.

Working Together

We have the know-how, but the best online events are always co-created with our clients. By this, we mean we work together with you from the strategic planning stage to advising on stand-out content ideas and to live and post-event analysis. It’s everything you’d expect from an online events company, but better.

Creativity & Innovation

Our design team and software engineers are all in-house, meaning you have access to leading experts in the creation of your events as well as digital hubs with a wealth of experience on tap.


Our Experience.

Experience is Key

Working with our clients’ event objectives, we create a vision for the overall delegate experience, placing engagement at the forefront. We then apply our virtual and physical events’ experience to co-create compelling content and a streamlined, intuitive digital event platform that is true to our clients’ brands.

Flexible Bespoke Technology

As technology evolves, so do we. And we actively seek valuable ideas and feedback from our customers – making any virtual event request a functional reality. Our platform was built in-house, and is nurtured on a daily basis as we continually evolve for each and every online event.


Our Philosophy.

We love the challenge of every new virtual event brief. We have all the credentials and expertise required to successfully deliver any format (and version) of an online event, keeping our clients and their customers, happy.

Straight Forward & Collaborative

Honesty, integrity and respect form the cornerstones of our business. We are straightforward, aim to keep any technical complexities simple, and fun to work with. We work best when we're collaborating!

Creative & Flexible

We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Every event's need is unique, so each and every event we create is different – this is where our events specialists work their magic strategic powers to ensure we’ve really understood the objectives. And similarly, we thrive on the ability to continually innovate our product. So increased functionality is always on our radar as we maintain our highly robust and flexible platform.


Our People.

Come meet our management team! See what their experience is like at iVent.

Gav - CEO of Virtual iVent



Every day is different – from delivering the world's first virtual fish and chip trade show, to supporting the NHS in their events and to launching forklift trucks virtually in 60 countries. And to top that, I work with the leading talents in virtual events globally, my iVent colleagues.

Ros - Director at Virtual iVent


Great company with committed staff who are all team players ready to support each other both professionally and personally.

Emma Profile Pic


Operations Director

At iVent no two days are the same for me, but when you have such an awesome team to work with it's all dream work anyway.



Lead Developer

As a Full Stack Software Developer, I am passionate about creating elegant and efficient solutions to complex problems. At iVent, I am thrilled to be part of a team that shares this same dedication to innovation and collaboration.

Beth - Event Project Manager at Virtual iVent


Head of Event Project Management

Learning that 'have you turned it off and on again?' is no longer an accurate question. Also the people are nice.

Head of Training & Support

iVent gave me the opportunity to work in training and support, an area I’ve always been passionate about from my time as a Project Manager. We have a great product and an even better team here.

Jemma - Design Consultant at Virtual iVent


Head of Design

My favourite thing about working at iVent is working with an amazing team that is always looking to improve the way we work, which allows me to continuously develop and enhance my skills in order to deliver engaging designs for our clients events.

Ash - Marketing & Design Manager at Virtual iVent


Head of Marketing

iVent’s ‘freedom and responsibility’ approach allowed me to work on diverse, challenging and rewarding projects. My time here continues to shape me, not just as an employee, but as a human being.

tree-nation mountains

Events that matter to Planet Earth.

Our "You Host, We Plant" initiative allows all of our new clients to offset their event CO2 emissions with every new event they host on our platform.

One day of a virtual conference can reduce up to 66% of CO2 emissions in comparison to a traditional event. We are helping you make your event completely carbon-negative.

That's events with a real impact.


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