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Pharmaceutical product launches

A popular use for virtual pharmaceutical industry events in this sector, and by health-care marketing agencies, is for product launches. If you need to share information about a new product or medicine to a global audience, opting to do this virtually not only saves time and money, but can be more interactive and engaging.

An event online gives the audience a chance to hear presentations and seminars in a branded auditorium as as well as ask questions live. Networking areas mean individuals can interact with fellow delegates, join in a group chat or undertake product surveys and our Resource Centre is a perfect space where attendees can view and download the information they need.

Pharma training events and conferences

A conference online or training session has all the attributes of a physical event, from live content in a branded auditorium to the opportunity to ask questions, but, delivered virtually. Additionally, conferences have even more scope to engage and interact with the audience via live or video chat as well as online networking booths.

One of the additional key benefits of delivering virtual pharmaceutical industry events is the availability of detailed event analytics, that you can access at anytime.


What you can expect:

  • Branded auditoriums for your conference sessions, workshops and presentations
  • Video chat
  • User profiles with networking and connectivity features
  • Networking areas with live chat, surveys and discussions
  • Resource hubs with information to watch and download
  • Individual rooms for poster sessions
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We also offer an annual licence which means unlimited virtual charity events can be delivered over the year, often for the fraction of the cost of a physical event.

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With functionality to match any requirement, we do not use templates but creates the exact event to meet the brief.


GDPR compliant, Our technology is built in a secure Cloud-hosted environment with end to end encryption ensuring your data is safe.

Led by experts

Our people understand both events and technology. There are few virtual event suppliers with the experience, knowledge and talent to rival iVent and even fewer who have over 11 years of experience on how to make a virtual event truly effective.

Engaging features

Our platform offers multiple ways for attendees to engage. With live chat functionality and video chat, webinar presentations, content and networking can be delivered in a variety of ways to keep it interesting, stimulating and engaging.

No downloads

Our priority is making an experience that is accessible as possible. To join an iVent event all you need is an internet connection and a modern browser, the rest is handled by our platform.

We don't believe in events that require downloads or plug-ins. It's simple.

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