Traditional events are costly.

Research done by MeetGreen has identified the current events industry as one of the biggest contributors to pollution in the modern world due to lots of inefficiencies and waste. People have to travel, food and equipment has to be delivered, electricity used to power huge venues and a lot of it is wasted.

A one-day physical event can produce up to 170kg of CO2 emissions.

body of water under cloudy sky during sunset

It can create over 5 tonnes of refuse waste

school of fish in water

As well as use up to 36,000 pieces of paper.

36,000 pieces of paper

1% for the planet.

Since 2020 we have been delivering carbon-negative events. We are committing to offsetting 1% off your first event fee towards the reforestation of the planet. That's right, we are now delivering carbon-negative events. Thanks to our clients we have managed to plant over 2500 trees and are on a mission to offset over 800 tonnes of CO2 emissions by the end of 2022.

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We are on a mission.

See how we are shaping the future of sustainable events.

Virtual Pioneers Since 2010

We have been pioneering this format for over 11 years now and are really excited to see industry shift more towards this format. Our first clients have helped us shape our virtual platform that delivers a much more sustainable solution.

Running Green

Our platform runs on 100% renewable energy. We use AWS infrastructure and data centres in Ireland that run completely on wind generated energy. You can learn more from the AWS Sustainability Report.

Fully Remote

We have recruited lots of new talent in 2020 across the UK and this has brought us to a decision to become a remote-first company. We have closed our offices and are now operating fully remote to allow more flexibility for our employees and reduce our carbon footprint.

Carbon Negative Events

Thanks to our partnership with Tree-Nation and our initiative "You Host, We Plant", we are now planting trees for every new event hosted on our platform. This means we can now offer truly carbon-negative events.