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Digital Content Strategy: The ‘Why, What, and How’ of Repurposing Your Event Content

Event content repurposing

Repurposing Event Content: It’s More Than Session Video Cuts

Every EventProf knows that event content repurposing is a cornerstone of their digital content strategy. Yet, are we truly tapping into its vast reservoir?

This piece dives deep into the realm of event digital content strategy, zeroing in on the practice of event content repurposing.

While the term ‘content repurposing’ seems to be on everyone’s lips, its most effective and nuanced application often slips through the cracks. It’s more than a catch term—it’s a comprehensive process that many recognise but few master. Therein lies the challenge—and the opportunity.

Imagine this: You’ve masterfully orchestrated your event. The atmosphere is charged, the speakers resonate with the live audience, and each moment is diligently recorded. However, post-event, where do these valuable snippets find their place for everyone else to experience?

Today’s event professionals are extremely competent at documentation, yet the follow-through strategic evolution and reinvention of this content can at times lag, leaving these gold bits at risk of being buried in the archives.

The fixation for many professionals leans heavily towards recording. But here’s the nuance: while capturing is crucial, the true added value emerges from a thorough pre-event strategy with astute execution before, during and after the event. Absent these, your content trove may remain dormant, and its potential untapped.

The reality is that some organisations don’t create content in the first place, while others are unsure of how to leverage what they’ve got. The world of events brims with insightful recorded sessions, exciting fireside chats and moving panel discussions, but only a few know how to truly mine these for gold. The question isn’t just about having content; it’s about knowing how to use it.

Why is there so much attention on capturing content, but so little on what comes before and after the record button is hit? Content repurposing isn’t just a buzzword—it’s a strategy. It’s the bridge that connects past efforts with future opportunities.

Let’s delve into the ‘why, what, and how’ of repurposing and unveil the true potential of your event content and artfully sculpt this raw material into myriad forms, reaching audiences in new and impactful ways.

Why Repurpose Event Content?

Extend the Value of Your Event Content

Your recent event garnered attention and praise, but the potential of that content doesn’t end there. Repurposing allows you to prolong the relevance and reach of what you’ve already created, enhancing its utility and value.

Optimise Your Event’s ROI

Every event content piece represents an investment of resources. Forward-thinking event professionals see the merit in repurposing. It’s not just about efficiency; it’s a strategy to extend the lifecycle and reach of your premier content.


Pro tip: For a seamless repurposing experience, begin with the end in mind. When planning your event sessions and activities, anticipate their potential for post-event adaptability. This proactive approach not only improves the immediate event experience but also streamlines content opportunities afterwards.

Diversify Your Digital Presence

In today’s digital landscape, find your audience where they are (digitally) and cater to them using the formats they prefer. 

Don’t just expect them to come to you and watch your 30 min or 1 hour session recordings because that’s all you offer.

Meet 2024’s Varied Content Needs

Audiences today are discerning, with varied content preferences. Some seek quick video overviews, while others prefer detailed written analysis. Through repurposing, you address this diversity, ensuring tailored experiences for all.

Consistent Visibility in the Digital Arena

Think of repurposing as expanding your digital touchpoints. A post-event summary, a podcast mention, or a visual highlight ensures that your content continues to be a top-of-mind topic of conversation.

Create a Library of Social Media Content 

This can be used to drive traffic to your next event or summarise the one you’ve just had. It can even be used as daily updates and to build excitement ahead of subsequent days.

Event Content Repurposing: the Checklist

Run a Content Audit: Glean the Timeless from the Temporary

Before you dive into repurposing, it’s crucial to understand the depth and breadth of your content offering. An audit isn’t just about taking stock; it’s about pinpointing those gem-like moments that can shine even brighter with a bit of polish.

Sessions are filled with golden nuggets, and in today’s AI-assisted age, we can effortlessly spot them. Not only can AI group relevant talking points using algorithms that detect passion and emphasis based on speaker modulation, AI can auto-highlight those impactful sections ripe for repurposing.

Avoid the Energy Lulls

Your audience’s attention is precious. Snip away prolonged silences or needless pauses to maintain a consistent rhythm, ensuring the viewer remains engaged from start to finish. 

Trim the Fluff by Removing Filler Words

We all have our verbal crutches, those ‘ums’, ‘ahs’, and ‘you knows’. With a discerning edit, make your speaker’s message concise and punchier. Again, AI is your friend here.

Provide Chapters for Context

Instead of a continuous stream, break your content into digestible chunks. Introduce new sections with slide transitions, signalling a shift in focus and aiding content comprehension.

Provide Flexibility in Access

Consider how you want your audience to revisit this content. Whether it’s freely available, gated for lead generation, or available at a premium, ensure it aligns with your broader engagement strategy.


Harness the potential of your event content with Pro Snippets:

Dive into Pro Snippets, our newest AI-assisted event content production and repurposing offering, where the algorithmic precision of AI meets the curated touch of event content connoisseurs.

With our blend of high-calibre AI and deep-rooted industry insight, we guarantee not just an economisation of time and resources, but a multiplication of your content’s reach and resonance.

Discover More

Content Repurposing: A Masterclass in Maximising Event Value

Insightful Summarisation: Crafting Continued Relevance

  • Precision in Transcription: Leverage the insights gathered at your event by transforming them into detailed, reader-friendly transcripts and summaries, enabling your audience to revisit the key messages at their leisure.
  • From Dialogue to Documentation: Elevate your event’s spoken content into structured, well-crafted articles and blogs. Each piece should be designed for clarity, guiding readers with intuitive headers and a neatly indexed table of contents.


Pro Tip: Employ AI technology to distil the essence of your transcripts into standout highlights, marrying technological efficiency with strategic content selection.

  • Targeted Social Engagement: Disperse your most impactful insights via social media in the form of succinct quote cards and curated insight lists, designed to engage and resonate on a platform-specific basis.

Visual Storytelling & Concise Clips

  • Engagement in a Snapshot: Create engaging, concise video snippets that capture your event’s essence, optimised for both mobile and desktop viewing across various social media platforms.
  • Graphical Data Narratives: Convert complex event data into engaging infographics and visual presentations. These can be used to enhance written content or serve as standalone posts that add value and pique interest.
  • Set up a News desk at the event to interview attendees, speakers, sponsors to create daily updates, teaser clips for upcoming sessions or to promote top sponsors from the show floor.

Depth and Utility in Digital Resources

  • Guides and Gateways: Transform your in-depth sessions into e-books or downloadable resources that not only provide substance but also serve as functional tools for nurturing leads and establishing authority.
  • Podcasting and Audio Engagement: Edit down your event’s audio content into podcast-friendly formats, tapping into the auditory preference of your audience and ensuring your event’s presence in the growing podcast space.

Content Expansion & Educational Opportunities

  • SlideShare and Beyond: Extend the life and reach of your event slides by sharing them on SlideShare and similar platforms, catering to a professional audience that values concise, visual information.
  • E-Learning Transformation: Adapt your event content into eLearning modules or informative webinars, providing ongoing educational value and reinforcing your commitment to professional development.

User & Speaker Generated Repurposing

  • Speaker Spotlight Compilations: Craft speaker-centric highlight reels that compile each thought leader’s best moments, providing them with a powerful tool to showcase their expertise. When speakers share these tailor-made compilations, it not only enhances their authority but also drives organic referral traffic back to you, creating a symbiotic cycle of recognition and audience growth.
  • Data-Driven Interaction: Use interactive post-event polls and surveys to craft infographics that provide actionable insights, keeping the conversation alive and your audience engaged.
  • Q&A to Content Assets: Transform the probing questions from your Q&A sessions into a rich FAQ resource or short explainer videos, turning audience engagement into a lasting educational tool. ​​You can even use Q&A sessions to drive future session ideas or to steer the direction of the speakers if you take questions from the start.

Keep the Conversation Going & Evergreen Content 

  • Gamification for Retention: Develop interactive quizzes and content challenges that reinforce key event takeaways while maintaining audience engagement, serving as a segue to your future events.
  • Ongoing Content Evolution: Integrate your event’s key learnings into your regular web content, ensuring a constant stream of current, industry-relevant material that reinforces your position as a thought leader.

By implementing these strategies, you ensure that your event content continuously contributes to the dialogue in your industry and offers value to your audience long after the event concludes.


In the bustling world of digital and hybrid events, with its numerous sessions, keynotes, and interviews, lies a potential that often goes untapped. 

But don’t stop there: create content at every opportunity before and during the event from sponsors, speakers and attendees. Always have an extra camera crew and ‘roving reporter’ ready to interview and create content on the fly.

In today’s fast-paced digital realm, content repurposing can seem like a mammoth task.

Post-production can be a costly and time-consuming process, especially when you’re dealing with hundreds of hours of footage. 

Especially for smaller organisations lacking in-house expertise or for larger entities where repurposing hasn’t taken a strategic forefront yet. The solution isn’t just about producing more—it’s about producing smarter. 

That’s why we designed ProSnippets, our AI assisted event content production and repurposing solution where the acumen of AI tools meets the unique industry expertise. We’re here to help you transform sessions, interviews, and keynotes into digestible, share-worthy content. It’s not just about saving time (A significant reduction in time spent on content creation, with up to 70% of your time saved, and a surge in audience engagement.; it’s about amplifying your content’s reach and resonance. 

If you’re an organisation seeking a smarter route in this event content-driven age, send us a message, ask us for a personalised quote, or book a value-packed demo directly with one of our digital and hybrid event specialists.

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