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How to host a virtual hiring event that ticks all the boxes

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The benefits of virtual careers fairs are becoming more and more popular for businesses and candidates alike. By eradicating the barriers surrounding budgets, travelling and time restraints, employers can find the perfect fit for their role openings and watch as their business flourishes. For many, hosting virtual events is a new concept but we explain how to host a virtual hiring event that will exceed your recruitment expectations and more.

How Does A Virtual Job Fair Work?

When hosting a virtual careers fair on the iVent platform, the day can be set up in conjunction with your business preferences. Candidates are able to look through the job options online and should they be interested, can apply using a traditional CV or video resume. One of the main benefits of virtual careers fairs is the option to filter through applications and invite the successful candidates through to a video interview in one of the 1-on-1 booths, getting to know the participants to make an informed decision. 

As well as knowing the basics of how a virtual job fair works, make use of the additional features such as live presentation and seminar auditoriums to provide further insight of the jobs on offer and create networking rooms with groups chat and survey options available. Once you know how to host a virtual hiring event, the options available are endless so you can overcome any recruitment restrictions which have been a struggle in the past.

The Benefits of Virtual Careers Fairs For All Parties

As well as being a more efficient process for businesses, a virtual recruitment event can benefit the delegates equally when you know how a virtual job fair works and understand how to get the most from the opportunity.

From a business perspective, the scope of the event is vast, allowing brands to connect with people from all over the globe to build up an effective workforce. Although the span of the event can grow, the amount of budget and physical setup required is minimised hugely so businesses can use their budget to grow in other areas.

Similarly, the benefits for attendees also outweigh those of a physical event. By getting to know more about the company and speaking virtually with representatives, candidates are not required to travel to decide whether a role is a good fit for their career path. Especially for those who are already in employment, taking time off of work to attend an interview will make them more inclined to participate online.

If you are looking to launch your very own virtual recruitment event, do not hesitate to get in touch to request more information and see how our platform can be tailored to your business. If preferred, we can manage your event fully from start to finish to take the pressure out of recruitment, allowing you to focus on finding the perfect candidates for your team!

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