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Virtual vs. hybrid events

Hybrid events are more common than you think. A televised football match, for example, is a hybrid event. Hybrid events offer an effective way for you to increase participation and significantly extend the reach of your live event with an addition of an online experience. No need to hold out for that season ticket now!

Using our powerful online platform, our expert staff will be able to capture your live event and stream it online to anyone else who wishes to watch and be involved in it. Your audiences will get to experience live presentations at an event, watch them online and access all of your streamed content on-demand at a later time.

How do you create a hybrid event?

Good question. The process behind hybrid events is quite simple; first, you would organise your live event as would normally. We will then discuss the technical requirements with you, enabling our team to set up the virtual platform as needed to run side by side on the day. Come the day you go live, our team arrive on-site to set-up and take care of filming and virtual integration to ensure everyone can access your online event experience seamlessly.

Your presentations will be live-streamed online for virtual delegates to view and participate in any Q&A or polling as they would if they were physically attending. Not only that, but delegates from both audiences will be able to interact with each other as they would in a traditional event. They can view each other’s profiles, message each other, do video chat and be involved in discussions. The best bit is that your event doesn't have to end when it ends. All of your content will be available for delegates to access on-demand, meaning your audience can view the content of the event at a time that is most convenient for them, if they are unable to participate when it's live.

What are the benefits of running a hybrid event?

Hybrid events are a real break-through in event management and represent perhaps the most innovative way to run a wide range of events such as conferences, product launches, careers fairs and more.

The hybrid model opens your event up to anyone who wishes to get involved with it from anywhere in the world, and thus greatly helps build brand reach, awareness and engagement. Hybrid events are also a very cost-effective way to reduce travel associated with an event, and help organisations and individuals meet environmental responsibilities.

We have worked with many types of organisations who have loved the hybrid events we offer, from colleges & universities, blue-chip companies & financial institutions to charities & NGOs. Our platform is the best way to enable your next event to reach as many people as possible.

Are hybrid events sustainable?

With any event that you host, whether physical or virtual or a blend of both - there will always be impact of Planet Earth. A traditional physical conference can produce as much as 170KG of CO2 per day.

We are on a mission to make all events more Earth-friendly, hence why our initiative "You Host, We Plant" will enable you to reduce your event impact as we plant trees for every event you host on our platform. Companies like yours have already helped us offset almost 500 tonnes of CO2 in just 3 months!


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For over 11 years our event specialists have produced incredible virtual events. From complex simultaneous plenary sessions to open days for universities and hybrid corporate product launches. We've done it all.

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We don't just help you produce your next event, we help you deliver the best event. Below are just some of the reasons how:

Fully Customisable

We don't use templates - simple. Everything is customised from the ground up by our in-house experts to ensure its functionality is a perfect match to your event objectives.

Secure & Fully GDPR Compliant

Our technology is built in a secure Cloud-hosted environment with end to end encryption ensuring your data is safe. The iVent platform is also fully GDPR compliant

Support All The Way Through

Our project, design and support teams will work with you along the way to make your virtual event a real success.

Data & Analytics

Access your event data at any time, with tailored access for your exhibitors to see their booth attendance and performance.

Global Access

Our platform utilises the world’s quickest CDN (Content Delivery Network). We cover 5 continents with unlimited scalability.

Self Service

It’s really simple for you to manage your own event environment with a helpful ‘step by step’ guide so you can add content, control live sessions, create agendas, as well as generate your own webcast content.

Event Support

We provide you with peace of mind, with an array of support plans to suit your needs. Our support team will be monitoring your live events, no matter what timezone you are in.

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