Virtual Events
For Talent Managers,
Recruiters & HR professionals

HR professionals, Talent Managers and recruiters are turning to virtual events to deliver truly engaging content to either communicate with existing colleagues or to attract and engage new ones.

From a simple online meeting for a handful of colleagues to hosting a recruitment event to match employers and candidates, virtual events are a cost and resource efficient option.

Why should Recruiters and
Talent Managers use virtual events?

If you are looking for a highly effective, easy to manage and forward-thinking way to recruit talent, then online careers fairs could be the perfect choice. Compared to organising a traditional careers fair where everyone is tied to attending at just one location on just one or two days, they offer significant measurable benefits. Innovative online recruitment events allow you to reach candidates from a wider geographic region quickly and easily while reducing the cost of your recruitment and hiring process.

With our unique meeting and appointments system, real-time job applications and customised meeting booths plus much more functionality, a virtual careers event can be tailored to meet your exact requirements. Visit our careers fair page to find out more about how a virtual careers fair works.

Why HR Professionals Choose Virtual Events?

As a HR professional, delivering training sessions to new and existing employees and keeping colleagues up to speed with company news, procedures and legislation can be logistically challenging, not to mention costly, especially if you have a global workforce.

iVent’s scalable virtual training platform is custom-made to deliver your training programme – it can be a single online training room or a whole virtual academy with multiple classrooms, social halls and resource centres that you can use time and time again. With functionality including certification and built-in accreditation and a learning management module, you can more easily keep track of an individual’s personal development. Visit our online training page to find out more.

Another common use of virtual events by HR professionals is for online meetings and conferences. From a small meeting connecting colleagues in different locations, to a large-scale global conference with speakers and live chat for delegates to participate, a virtual event means employees can log in from their desks and can revisit to find out more or download a resource material, at any time.

iVent has designed and delivered thousands of virtual events. Here’s why. Virtual events are:

  • A cost-effective solution: Without the need for venues and audio-visual equipment for the organiser, and travel and hotel cost savings for attendees, virtual events are cost effective for all.
  • Time & resource efficient: Virtual events by their nature, are time efficient, not only for events ‘personnel tasked with delivering the event, but also for delegates attending the event who can save on travel time.
  • Improved attendee experience & engaging: It is notable that, in practice, delegates are far happier to ask questions online than at a live event and find meeting other delegates much easier online than walking up to a ‘stranger’ to introduce themselves, thus creating a highly engaging event.
  • Available on demand or supportive of a physical event: Virtual events can be used alongside a live event, often to create an ‘on demand’ element where event delegates can revisit the event to gather information, content and resources at a time to suit them. Or, if a virtual event is created, it can be left ‘on demand’ to attract those who were unable to attend the original virtual event.

And finally, why choose iVent?

  • A cost-effective solution allowing multiple events in a year: iVent operates an annual licence fee which means unlimited events can be delivered over the year, often for the fraction of the cost of a physical event.
  • Fully customisable: With functionality to match any requirement, iVent does not use templates but creates the exact event to meet the brief.
  • Secure: GDPR compliant, iVent technology is built in a secure cloud hosted environment with end to end encryption ensuring your data is safe.
  • Led by experts in events: iVent is run by people who understand both events and technology. There are few virtual event suppliers with the experience, knowledge and talent to rival iVent and even fewer who have 8 years’ experience of how to make a virtual event truly effective.
  • Features to create engaging events: The iVent platform offers multiple ways for attendees to engage. With live chat functionality, audio and video chat, webinar presentations, content and networking can be delivered in a variety of ways to keep it interesting, stimulating and engaging.
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